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Radio Interview–Monday, August 24th

Monday afternoon, Allan will be a guest on “Afternoon Talk with John Hall and Kathy Emmons” on WORD-FM in Pittsburgh, PA, at 4:40 p.m. EDT.  He will talk about his book, The Life of Prayer.  You may tune in at… Read the rest

New Review–The Life of Prayer

Matthew Michael, who has an interesting and rescourceful blog on matters relating to the spiritual life, has reviewed Allan’s recent book, The Life of Prayer: Mind, Body, and Soul (Westminster John Knox Press, 2009).   Here is his review: Check out Matthew’s blog:… Read the rest

Excerpt from Allan’s Latest Book: The Life of Prayer

Allan recently wrote an article for Windows, a publication of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, that includes an excerpt from his book, The Life of Prayer: Mind, Body, and Soul.  You may read it at: Note that you will need to scroll down a bit.… Read the rest

Next Projects

Allan is currently completing two new books. The first is co-authored with Robert C. Dykstra and Donald Capps, both of whom teach at Princeton Seminary.  Its subject matter is the spiritual struggles of adolescent boys.  With the working title Friendships, Fidelities, and Futures: Needs of Older Boys, it will be published by Westminster John Knox Press in 2010. … Read the rest

New Review–The Life of Prayer

“In this engaging book, Allan Cole leads the reader into thinking about prayer in a way that is both substantial and accessible.  The book helps the reader not only to understand prayer but, even more importantly, to pray with deeper understanding.” Michael L.… Read the rest
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