Theology in Service to the Church: Global and Ecumenical Perspectives List of Contributors and Essays

Cole-TheologyInServiceToTheChurch-(2)My new book will be off press in the spring. What follows is the list of contributors and titles of their essays.


As a global religion with growing numbers of expressions, Christianity calls for deepening relationships across traditions while also formulating collaborative visions. A thriving church will require Christians from various traditions and varying trajectories to become familiar with one another, appreciate one another, and work in common service to God in Jesus Christ.

In this book, a group of thirteen distinguished scholars from around the world and representing a range of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant perspectives demonstrate how theological reflection and broad-based ecumenical conversations may service the church. Reflecting on numerous salient matters facing the global church, these scholars model what may be accomplished in ecumenical conversations that recognize the gifts that come with unity across diversity among those who seek to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

Historical, Doctrinal, and Philosophical Theology

Marcus Plested
University of Cambridge, England
“Reflections on the Reception of the Church Fathers in the Contemporary Context”

George Hunsinger
Princeton Theological Seminary, USA
“Justification: 94 Theses”

Arie Molendijk
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
“Theology Unbound: The Fading Away of a Classical Discipline”

Olli-Pekka Vainio
University of Helsinki, Finland
“Understanding Religious Disagreements”

Constructive and Public Theology

Paul Lakeland
Fairfield University, USA
“Knowing Our Place(s): The Ecclesial Role(s) of the Theologian”

Amy Plantinga Pauw
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, USA
“Two Cheers for Denominationalism”

David H. Jensen
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, USA            
“Karl Rahner’s Ecumenism and the Challenge for Today”

Cynthia Rigby
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, USA
“Knowing Our Limits and Laughing with Joy: Theology in Service to the Church Invisible”

David Tombs
Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College, Ireland
“Sexual Ethics and the Scandal of the Cross”

Nico Koopman
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
“Theology and the Public Role of Churches in South Africa Today: Insights from the Confession of the Threefold Offices of Christ”

Pastoral Theology

Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger
Princeton Theological Seminary, USA
“Members of One Another: Building a Restorative Church”

Hetty Zock
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
“A Post-secular Theology of Compassion: The Moral-Spiritual and Psychological Underpinning of ‘Good Care'””

Allan Hugh Cole Jr.
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, USA
“A Call to Confession: What Protestant Christians May Learn from Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christians”

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