Two of My Books Named Best Resources for Congregational Leaders

The Congregational Resource Guide (CRG) has named Good Mourning: Getting Through Your Grief (Westminster John Knox Press, 2008),and Losers, Loners, and Rebels: The Spiritual Struggles of Boys (Westminster John Knox Press, 2007), co-written with Robert C. Dykstra, and Donald Capps, as best resources for congregational leaders.

The CRG, a project of the Alban Institute and funded by Lilly Endowment Inc., sifts and mines available resources for congregations and their leaders, and identifies the best resources available over six areas of congregational life—Care, Engage, Discover, Manage, Lead, and Worship.

CRG notes that Good Mourning offers “a more personal approach” to bereavement that “helps its readers understand, explore, and cope with their own losses and grief,” adding that “Cole discusses the roles that faith and prayer can play in productive grieving, helping people move away from cycles of endless suffering.” Losers, Loners, and Rebels, which draws on research, experience and the authors’ own autobiographies to present insights about the spiritual development of American boys between the ages of eleven and fourteen, is said to be especially helpful to pastoral caregivers and those involved in youth or family ministry.

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