Review of Good Mourning: Getting through Your Grief

Having recently reviewed the book, Good Mourning: Getting Through Your Grief by Allan Hugh Cole Jr., PhD, I offer the following recommendation:

By distinguishing between grief and mourning, this book serves the purpose of taking the reader on a journey through one’s own grief, with its seemingly conflicting myriad of feelings and thoughts, gradually emerging so as to enter the process of mourning. This ritualistic process incorporates spiritual practices, integrating the loss to eventually enter a new phase of one’s life. This is the transformative journey, according to Dr. Cole, which links our suffering with the suffering of God, as we give our pain to God and rely on the healing presence of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend this book as a guide and devotional resource for the grief-stricken soul.

Dr. David Jenkins
Director of Chaplaincy
The University of Texas
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX

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